Thursday, March 26, 2015

Obliterated 3: Beyond Survival released

Obliterated 3: Beyond Survival, the 3rd and likely last novel in the series, is now available on Amazon. From today (March 26) and through March 28, it is on a CountDown Deal, which means you can download the ebook much cheaper than its normal $2.99 price (not that isn't a steal in my humble opinion LOL). As with the other books in the series, the content is family-friendly compared to most all post-apocalyptic fiction.

Here's the link:

Obliterated 3: Beyond Survival

All books in the Obliterated series have real-life survival tips woven into the fictional story. In this volume, readers learn such things as:

1. how the Pecos survivors prioritize tasks to create their new village and

2. what will be planted in their community gardens to provide the most nutrition per square foot of garden space

As the author of those books and this blog, please forgive the long lapse of time since the last book and posts on this blog.  I had begun full-time RVing and had no regular access to the Internet and then an unexpected death in the immediate family changed all priorities.

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