Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Color in Your Survival Kit?

Survival expert Cody Lundin recommends wrapping bright yellow duct tape around some items in your survival kit. More visibility for small items like a lighter means less chance of it getting lost or left behind. Plus, you have extra duct tape that you can unwind for other uses. 

I would add that you then have a place to write simple instructions using a permanent marker. 

What if you are injured in an emergency? Would others with you know how much tincture of iodine to add to a quart of water to purify it? Would a friend know to scrape shavings from your magnesium block to start a fire in extreme dampness? 

If you become dehydrated or very cold, your brain is going to be foggy at best. Anyone can become confused in a life-threatening situation.

Figure out the shortest way to write instructions anyone can understand on the duct tape wrapped around relevant items and those critical items in your emergency kit are instantly improved.

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